International Conference on Magnesium

Live Sessions on the International Zoom Network
November, 2020: Shenyang China

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• Friday Nov 20, 2020

Event: Welcome & Introduction, Plenary Presentations

Zoom time: 15:30-24:00


  • Saturday Nov 21, 2020

Events: Forum on Lightweight

Zoom time: 8:30-12:00


Event: Plenary Presentations

Zoom time: 15:30-17:20


Event: Parallel Oral Presentations

Zoom time: 18:00-24:00

Wrought alloys (Session1, 2)

Cast alloys (Session1, 2)

Processing (Session1, 2)

Performance & Application (Session1, 2)


Event: Forum on Frontier Technology

Zoom time: 18:30-24:00


  • Sunday Nov 22, 2020

Forum on Industry-Academy Cooperation

Zoom time: 8:30-12:00


Event: Parallel Oral Presentations

Zoom time: 14:30-18:30

Wrought alloys (Session 3)

Modeling & Simulation (Session 1)

Corrosion & Protection (Session 1)

Performance & Application (Session 3)

Event: Plenary Presentations, Award Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

Zoom time: 19:00-24:00


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Zoom Schedule, International-Conference on Magnesium

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