Strategic US-China Joint Venture
Announced at Governors’ Summit in Kentucky

Galaxy Trade and Technology
Opens Fresh Trade Potential in Magnesium


LEXINGTON, KY MAY 21, 2019: A trade and economic development conference, sponsored by the National Governors Association in Lexington Kentucky May 22-24, will announce Galaxy Trade and Technology, a new joint venture between companies in the United States and China. The joint venture combines the best of America and China, and demonstrates new principles of reciprocal management. It links a group of magnesium mines in China, together with global trade, logistics and finance in America.

The broad practical cooperation exemplified by this week’s “U.S.-China Governors Collaboration Summit” presents an interesting perspective on the current trade talks between China and the United States.

The Ambassador of China to the United States, Cui Tiankai, will address the delegates. Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky hosts the Summit, together with other State Governors and Lieutenant-Governors, and a number of corporate representatives and bank officials from both America and China. Several provincial Governors and Mayors from across China will attend. Many of the events take place at the Lexington Convention Center.

“Our company is committed to partnership based on equality and friendship with American business,” said Dong Yuming, Chief Executive Officer. “Our American partners contribute great initiative to China, and we contribute our best spirit and energy to America.”

Magnesium answers high-tech engineering and environmental challenges in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and energy industries. Galaxy will introduce much-needed universal quality, consistent supply-chain logistics and financial standards to the industry.

“China makes magnesium alloys for export to America; through Galaxy, American companies can expand their global business with technology, expertise and product development, and will gain direct access to Asian markets,” suggested Michael North, a founder of Galaxy and Board Chairman.

Galaxy is an equal joint venture between investors in Yulin, Shaanxi Province in north-central China, and Asia-Pacific Group, a US-owned and managed business development group from Honolulu. Support for the Summit comes from the U.S. Department of Commerce (SelectUSA), the Chinese People’s Association for, and the China General Chamber of Commerce-USA.

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