Yulin Press Announcement

Asia Pacific Group (USA)
and Yulin City investors
form a joint venture to improve
magnesium industry
supply chain management

3-19-19 – Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China

Reporters in China were informed that international trade negotiations about the magnesium trade, with the U.S. Asia-Pacific Group, have resulted in formation of a joint venture agreement to establish the Xinghe Trade and Technology Company. The company is focused on cooperation in the international magnesium industry trade.

At the meeting, several business departments in Yulin City, including environment, magnesium industry development, and policy support, received a detailed description of the newly established company. Representatives discussed international trade cooperation.

Finally, the two companies signed the required commercial cooperation text.

On the same day, Vice Mayor Zhang Shengli met with the US representative and his staff.

Reporter Bai


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A signing meeting was held between Vice Mayor Zhang Shengli of Yulin City, to conclude the China-US Magnesium International Trade Negotiations. Participants included Asia Pacific Group Chairman Michael North, and the Yulin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (General Chamber).

In order to better serve the healthy development of magnesium industries in Yulin and accelerate the expansion of Yulin’s global markets, a China-US international trade contract was jointly supported by the City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Municipal Commerce Bureau. The meeting was held at the Yulin People’s Building.

Commerce Bureau Secretary Tri Yu, and chairman of Galaxy Magnesium Michael North and his party attended the meeting, together with the Industry and Credit Bureau, the Merchants Service Center, the SME Service Center, the Yulin Magnesium Industry Association and fifteen entrepreneurs.

Zhang Xiumai, vice president of the City Chamber of Commerce and Federation, chaired the meeting.

Zhang Shengli, Deputy Mayor of Yulin, met cordially with Michael North and his party. Mayor Zhang briefed the guests on the city’s economic and social goals, its energy development policies, and on how the Yulin government plans to use hundreds of billions of yuan to promote the growth of the Yulin industry.

The two had a good exchange, discussing the relevant economic functions needed to do improve the colored metals trade, providing a valuable service to China and helping trade cooperation with the United States.

Mr. North communicated fully with Deputy Mayor Zhang about the results of the recent business discussions.

At the Symposium, Michael North briefed people on the team members of their trip and their purpose in coming to Yulin, and presented a study and analysis of the magnesium market and the industry in Yulin.

Ning Chong, deputy director of the City Merchants Service Center, and Gao Haijun, chief of the Municipal Credit Bureau, briefed the participants on the relevant preferential policies for merchants in the Yulin area, and the status of industrial development of magnesium in Yulin.

Chen Ganyong, the Chairman of Shaanxi Tianyu Magnesium Group and president of Yulin Magnesium Industry Association, briefed the attendees on the current situation, and development ideas for the Yulin magnesium industry, with the participation of Chinese and American enterprises in magnesium production, technology, R&D, and international and domestic market development. It was an enthusiastic and interactive session; all agreed that the market prospects for Yulin magnesium, both domestic and international, are very good, and that the trend of European and other global markets is strong.

The Asia Pacific Group, through its wholly-owned subsidiary APG Galaxy Trading and Technology, signed a joint venture agreement.

In his talk, Tri Yu pointed out that the Yulin magnesium industry started relatively late, but with recent rapid development, now Yulin magnesium accounts for 41% of the world’s total production. It is relatively competitive, in both foreign trade and domestic sales, and the quality is the highest. But the export trade is Yulin’s shortcoming, especially in the magnesium industry, which is conducted mostly through small domestic traders. To grow, Yulin needs Galaxy Trade and Technology, and large foreign trade companies, to invest in Yulin magnesium.

Tri Yu spoke to the participants about the successful experience of Ordos Garment Co. of of Inner Mongolia, which encourages enterprises to learn, drawing on the success of the Ordos cashmere sweater brand, to build a bigger and stronger Yulin magnesium industry.

Galaxy Magnesium was established by the Asia Pacific Group, to jointly established a magnesium trading company based in Yulin, focused on improving enterprise productivity, improving the profits of production enterprises, introducing new products and new processing methods, improving worker safety, education and welfare, expanding the availablility of funds for selective technology and market acquisitions, responding to national calls to improve energy efficiency, and building a smart Yulin based on green energy.