Magnesium 101

The basic facts about magnesium: what it is, how it’s used, its unique physical properties. From four leading authorities: The Royal Chemistry Society, Encyclopedia Britannica, the International Magnesium Association and the Luxfer Group.

This image is inspired by chlorophyll, the molecule contained in green plants that enables them to photosynthesise. Chlorophyll contains a single atom of magnesium at its centre.

An introduction to magnesium from the Royal Society of Chemistry
(principal offices in Cambridge and London).

Encyclopedia Britannica

The primary basic authority on magnesium; scholarly and thorough, verified and edited by professionals; cross-referenced, linked.

Also of interest: magnesium deficiency


International Magnesium Association

The leading international professional association for suppliers, users and researchers in magnesium technology and markets.

A short study from Luxfer, one of the leading centers in the world that develops and implements new applications for magnesium.

Advanced Magnesium Capabilities

Thanks to Luxfer Group