Yulin Development Sessions


Management Meetings

Senior management, investors and founders of Galaxy Trade and Technology met for several days in mid-July at company headquarters in Yulin, Shaanxi Province.

The company is building the first advanced international trading enterprise focused on magnesium from China. Discussions ranged across new markets, new technologies, and new financial products, designed to make magnesium from China increasingly useful and easy to plan, control and acquire for international buyers.

Meetings were held with Zhang Shengli, Vice Mayor of Yulin and his industrial development team. The company met with managers from its key domestic commercial bank, the Bank of China. Board Chairman Michael North gave a detailed briefing on the development of structured financial products, and alliances the company has made in that vital field.

A key agreement was signed with Mr. Qiu Ruimin at the newly-formed Yulin Magnesium and Magnesium Alloy Technology Company, and reports were received on the rapidly-expanding production base of the Galaxy company.

Meeting with Vice-Mayor Zhang Sengli

As part of an ongoing series of consultations with civic authorities in Yulin, core management from Galaxy Trade and Technology was invited again to visit with Zhang Sengli, the Vice-Mayor.

Board Chairman Michael North attended the meeting with a number of leading Yulin businesses, to submit reports on the progress of their business expansion.

The Vice-Mayor requested an assessment of services and resources that he and his commerce, export, finance, trade and education offices can provide to support the growth of Galaxy. That list, which includes workforce expansion, connection with digital currency, belt-and-road and currency trade resources, was presented.

The partnership between public and private sector is working smoothly with Yulin, with good professional and personal relationships, and clear objectives shared openly.

Yulin City: Garden Tour

Yulin is one of the fastest-growing cities in northern China. But the city is not leaving the beauty of its cultural past behind, or ignoring the beauty of its natural environment.

Keeping balance between human infrastructure and nature is an important part of the green future for China, what President Xi Jinping refers to as “ecological civilization.”

As a break between intense business meetings in central Yulin, the company management of Galaxy Trade and Technology, both Chinese and American, went for an extended, restful mid-day walk. Right next to company headquarters is a large lake, with gardens, sculpture, traditional buildings and pagoda.

Informal time in the fresh air makes business meetings more effective.