Soluble Magnesium Bridge Plug

Soluble Magnesium Alloy Bridge Plug 

advanced technology for the oil and gas industry

Galaxy offers a unique soluble bridge plug, based on magnesium compounds, to the oil and gas industry.

The Galaxy soluble magnesium alloy bridge plug uses the uniquely efficient filtration, temperature and and pressure-management capabilities of custom-optimized magnesium alloy compounds to maintain anchoring and structural integrity for high pressure applications in challenging extraction settings. The Galaxy retrievable downhole tool isolates the lower part of the wellbore, which can be isolated from production, or from an operation being conducted on an upper zone.

The plug is configured so that its major components substantially dissolve to allow for ease of plug removal following use. It provides isolation in a cased well for high-pressure applications. The plug can be removed quickly, safely and at low cost, even from a lateral leg of the well.

Galaxy has advanced scientific engineering resources, to support configuration of these soluble plugs for any operating environment. Production line capabilities, plant and equipment are adaptable, and capable of fulfilling high volume requests quickly. The technical parameters of soluble materials, such as pressure, temperature, tensile strength and dissolution rate can be customized according to customers’ needs, and the magnesium can dissolve itself in aqueous solutions containing electrolytes in different liquid environments.

Galaxy quickly provides pricing and availability for the soluble plugs, given three basic conditions supplied by the customer: anticipated operating pressure and temperature; and required dissolve time. These different parameters will mean different magnesium alloy and different price. A timeline of the solubility breakdown process is available on request.

Galaxy offers contractual arrangements for continuing, regular volume deliveries over time, and through its banking alliances can provide supply-chain financing that includes all aspects of shipment and delivery to ports worldwide, including price guarantees and currency hedging.

In addition to plugs, Galaxy also offers a range of complementary products, including soluble magnesium fracturing balls, soluble bars and profiles.

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The Company

Galaxy Trade and Technology is a leading magnesium mining, refining, design, technology, manufacturing and international trade company with offices in Shaanxi Province, China; in Beijing; in Honolulu, Hawai’i; and in New York City.

Galaxy is a joint venture between Chinese and American investors that effectively combines the resources of about 20% of the world’s commercially mineable magnesium supply. The company anchors an efficient global supply chain system that provides consistent, high volume, high-quality magnesium products at guaranteed prices to large-scale industrial customers.

Galaxy serves several intersecting industries with magnesium for related products and technology: oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and construction.