Video Gallery

1. The Story of Magnesium: A multi-industry brief on the industrial uses and capabilities of magnesium alloys.

2. Magnesium in Aerospace: Special focus on the value of magnesium for lightweighting in aerospace applications.

3. Magnesium Extrusion Techniques: Hands-on demonstration of advanced extrusion and casting techniques, from a lab in Japan.

4. Lightweight Innovation with Magnesium: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals.

5. Magnesium Optimization Walkthrough — Steps through a series of screens with details about how magnesium is being used to make vehicles lighter. Developed by Volkswagen with support from the International Magnesium Association;

6. Magnesium: The Essential Element — A look at what makes magnesium unique, from the perspective of physics, commercial applications and life sciences. Edited by Galaxy Trade and Technology from a TED session by Brady Haran at the University of Nottingham; original at

7. Frequently-Asked Questions about Magnesium

From the Materials Research Society in Warrendale, Pennsylvania: a fascinating series of questions and answers about magnesium, told with a visual flair, about capabilities and applications of magnesium.

Watch as a man in a firesuit tries to ignite a block of magnesium alloy with a blow-torch. Can’t do it — Consider how magnesium alloys fuse seamlessly with bones for orthopedic surgery — see a commercial jet aircraft with all-magnesium seats, and with magnesium used for radiation shielding for crew and passengers.

Entry-level literacy on magnesium, in 9 minutes.

“Magnesium alloys are a class of very light weight materials that are being explored to replace steel in certain applications. In this video, concerns about the mechanical properties, flammability and corrosion resistance are being addressed… This video is a content resource for the Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) course, an introductory level undergraduate course about Materials Science and Engineering.

For more, see

8. An interview of Don Panoz with Jay Leno, as part of the ongoing series, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Mr. Leno is one of the most respected broadcasters in American history, and a sincere enthusiast of great driving cars.

9. “Going Green with Magnesium” — a report on electrolytic processing of magnesium from mineral lake water, by Phil Baker, Global Director of Hatch. For more, see