Video Gallery

1. The Story of Magnesium: A multi-industry brief on the industrial uses and capabilities of magnesium alloys.

2. Magnesium in Aerospace: Special focus on the value of magnesium for lightweighting in aerospace applications.

3. Magnesium Extrusion Techniques: Hands-on demonstration of advanced extrusion and casting techniques, from a lab in Japan.

4. Lightweight Innovation with Magnesium: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals.

5. Magnesium Optimization Walkthrough — Steps through a series of screens with details about how magnesium is being used to make vehicles lighter. Developed by Volkswagen with support from the International Magnesium Association;

6. Magnesium: The Essential Element — A look at what makes magnesium unique, from the perspective of physics, commercial applications and life sciences. Edited by Galaxy Trade and Technology from a TED session by Brady Haran at the University of Nottingham; original at