Hebi Magnesium

Hebi United Magnesium Industry Group is located in a national economic and technological development zone, in the northern part of Henan Province.


The group’s mission is to service magnesium and magnesium alloy enterprises, to achieve intensive sustainable business development, and to create a “China Magnesium Valley.”

The company processes and trades light magnesium alloys and composites, including powders, widely used in scientific and technological fields such as aviation, aerospace, natural-gas, mineral oil, iron-steel desulphurization, defense, and metallurgy.

Capabilities include magnesium alloys with aluminum, zinc, manganese, following ASTM and AZ standards. Key industries are automotive, 3C (Computing, Communications, Consumer), mineral oil, and anticorrosion piping.

Manufacturing processes supported include semicontinuous magnesium alloy ingots, die-casting and extrusion.

On July 6, 2020, Hebi United Magnesium Industry Group concluded a comprehensive marketing and trade development agreement, focused on international commerce, with Galaxy Trade and Technology, based in Yulin, Honolulu, New York and Geneva.