US-China Governors Collaboration Summit fosters trade ties

“It’s been a busy few days in the U.S. state of Kentucky as Governors and their deputies from around the United States gathered alongside leaders from four Chinese Provinces…”

Mike Walters, CGTN, May 24, 2019
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China leads the world in production of magnesium
a strategic metal
for industries of the future.

Galaxy Trade and Technology is a US-China Joint Venture,
providing full access to about 20% of the world’s magnesium supply.

• Substantial production capacity, guaranteed precision, quality
• Wide variety, efficient supply chain, one-stop global delivery
• Green energy, environmental principles
• Joint management: United States and China
• Financial partners: long-term price and currency stability, letters of credit
• Most flexible pricing, spirit of global cooperation

Supporting the goal of ecological civilization,
and inspired by China’s peacemaker, Zhou Enlai.

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