Kentucky Governor

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“There was a time, 75 years ago, Great Britain was in the news. There was World War. A man named Winston Churchill came into leadership, and he led, with boldness and conviction — ignoring the small minds, ignoring the weak people. He led with boldness.

“People called Winston Churchill the ‘Lion of England.’ Winston Churchill said, ‘I am not  the lion. The people of England — they are are the lion. But history has called upon me to deliver the roar.’

“Think about that. The lion is you. Those of you who are here. Those of your fellow citizens, no matter what country you call home. The lion in this moment are the people of the United States, the people of China. But who among us will deliver the roar?

“Now is the time for a roar to be delivered: the roar of Sino-US relationships, of building bonds, of being partners, of being friends, of coming together, weaving a fabric together that will not be easily separated.

“Now is the time. We cannot grow weary, we cannot give up. We must rise up, as ambassadors…for what is the right thing to do…The opportunity for us to do the right thing for the world.

“Because when there is strength and stability and peace in America, strength and stability and peace in China, both the east and the west will be stronger, the world will be stronger, the world will be safer; there will be more opportunity for all of us.

“This is why I’m doing this. I’m one small piece. I’m not afraid of hard work. I grew up in a simple way, as I have have said. I ask each of you to roll up your sleeves, put on your overalls. Deliver the roar of history.

“Because history is knocking, and now is the time.”

From the closing address; Governor Matt Bevin of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. National Governors Association US-China Cooperation Summit, Lexington Convention Center, May 24, 2019.

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The Rotunda of the Kentucky State Capitol; special reception for Chinese delegation. Central figure of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, who was born in Kentucky.

The Governor’s Mansion and Capitol Building, home of The State Legislature and Supreme Court: special reception and dinner for all Summit delegates, including State Governors and Lieutenant-Governors from U.S., Provincial Governors and Deputy Governors from China, business leaders and investors from both China and U.S. Five joint venture agreements were signed during the Summit.

Flags of the United States and China, on formal honorary display at the Kentucky State Capitol, May 24, 2019.