Speech by Dong Yuming

Dong Yuming, CEO of Galaxy Trade and Technology, China

Remarks delivered by live two-way video, to the Battery Electric Vehicles Architecture Congress, February 26, 2020.

I am pleased to join you in Detroit today.

Just three and a half months ago, I met some of you personally at the auto lightweighting conference in Atlanta. We learned much useful information there, and those opportunities set the stage for today’s event, together with our friend Dan Panoz.

I am the CEO of Galaxy Trade and Technology of China, based in Xi’an, and work closely with Zhou Xiaofang and her husband, Michael North and their international team to build a world-class magnesium export company that can share this great natural resource with all nations, especially America and Europe.

As an engineer, I follow the rapidly expanding uses of magnesium. We are always developing new techniques, which include novel uses of magnesium compounds and alloys that are difficult to match with any other mineral. One special area of interest to me is micro-alloying, using nano technology to create new precision alloys. I look forward to sharing that capability with you.

I am fortunate to live near the center of the biggest magnesium producing mines in the world, to know the people who run them, and to help connect their genius, hard work and initiative to global markets.

On behalf of Galaxy, and all the people of Shaanxi Province, I invite you to visit us, to discuss mutually-beneficial opportunities, to share our culture and history, and to develop solid, long-lasting business together that benefits the people of America, and the people of China.