Magnesium-Intensive Recipe

Magnesium-Rich Treat
offered by Galaxy Trade and Technology
to the Battery Electric Vehicle Conference, Detroit,
February 2020

The Galaxy
Chocolate, Fruit and Nuts

dark chocolate, banana, raspberries and cashews
with a light yogurt-honey dressing on top; mint garnish
served in a small dish with a spoon; no cooking required

Cut the four ingredients into large chunks, equal portions of each. 8-10 chunks total per person. Mix thoroughly in a large bowl.

Prepare honey and yogurt dressing: plain whole-milk yogurt (not Greek style); stir in thoroughly one tablespoon of natural honey (local if possible) per 8-oz of yogurt. Add a little whole milk if needed to make it easy to flow the mixture from a spoon.

Serve the fruit nut mix in a small bowl, a tablespoon of yogurt dressing on top of each serving. Add one small leaf of mint garnish to each. More:

Magnesium is key to a healthy heart, nervous system, digestion, stress management and a strong immune system.

Put some magnesium in your cars…put some in your body, too!

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