Nicholas Bingham Joins Galaxy

Galaxy Trade and Technology 

Welcomes Nicholas S. Bingham 

as Vice President of International Operations 


New York, NY, May 12, 2020: Galaxy Trade and Technology, a leader in global magnesium markets, announced the appointment of Nicholas S. Bingham as Vice President of International Operations.

Alongside Daniel Roubeni, Vice President of International Business Development, Mr. Bingham will be responsible for advancing Galaxy’s services in several key industries: automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and energy, especially oil and gas.

Details on the company’s website,

Nicholas Bingham, Vice-President, Galaxy Trade and Technology

For the past 20 years, Nick Bingham has been an international marketing executive, most recently as Global Sales Director for the London Business Conference Group. He organized and curated some of the most cutting-edge business summits in the world, including recent successful automotive industry conferences in Atlanta and Detroit, where Galaxy was prominently featured. Previously, Mr. Bingham worked in placement of venture capital, and in engagements with EAM Ltd, IDBG, RV Group SA, and as International Business Development Director with Gamar Ltd.

Nicholas Bingham is known among his peers for delivering out-of-the-box transactional business solutions, and for fostering a network of close, trusted business relationships. He will participate in Galaxy’s New York and Geneva operations, where he will have additional responsibilities in Galaxy’s structured financial products, fostering the growth of global magnesium markets.

Michael North, Chairman of Galaxy, said, “The engagement of Nick Bingham matches Galaxy’s business growth strategy — to assemble a team of strong, ethical people with solid expertise in industrial business development. Nick brings his stellar relationships, as an immediate addition to Galaxy’s distribution of magnesium products and services.”

Upon joining Galaxy’s management team, Bingham remarked, “I’m pleased to be part of the dynamic group at Galaxy. In all the years I’ve worked in various international business sectors, they are one of the best-positioned companies for rapid growth that I have ever seen.”

Galaxy will extend its productive relationship with the London Business Conference Group, and plans to participate in at least two upcoming high-level conferences, the first in Munich in November, 2020. See

Galaxy is the first international magnesium trade joint venture between China and the United States. The company has consolidated access to 20% of the world’s magnesium supply. Based originally in Yulin, central Shaanxi Province, Beijing, and in America — New York and Honolulu — the mining and manufacturing company is preparing to establish New York executive offices, showroom and conference presentation facilities.

Contact: Michael North; +1-323-422-9602
Nicholas Bingham: +44 (0) 7703 422197